While the best players on The European Tour battle it out for the trophy and a share of the RMB 20 million prize-fund, off the course an army of nearly 700 work tirelessly for the Topwin Golf and Country Club to make the event run like clockwork.

“We first sat down with Volvo late last year to decide on confirming the event at Topwin Golf and Country Club so we’ve been working on this year’s tournament since October 2016,” said Topwin Group Vice President Lu Wei.

“We have around 200 of our own golf club employees working on it but on top of that we have lots of volunteers and other employees from Intercontinental to help with F&B, so in total we have around 700 people in operation.”

While staging an event of this nature ultimately causes disruption to the members, for the Topwin Group the support from the club’s regular players has been nothing short of 100%.

We have around 200 members and they are so supportive,” added Ms Lu. “Obviously we need to close the course as we get closer to the event but all of the members are completely understanding of the situation.

They send us many positive messages and thank us for hosting high-end tournaments as they believe this reflects well on the club – everyone here is like family and hosting this gives us more opportunity to let people know about the club, to increase its value and make the team more professional.

“In that way the members are very supportive and believe in the long run we will have a better club because of it. And since we have that family feeling, the members almost feel as if they are hosting it themselves.

While the staff and members are fully on board and behind the tournament, one aspect the club struggles with is mother nature herself – the weather.

Last year we had a real problem with the wind blowing catkins across the course from the willow trees we have around us.” added Ms Lu. “This is a regular problem during spring time in Beijing. But, with the support of the government and with the help of agricultural professors we consulted, we have worked hard to test and treat the conditions. There some catkins blowing in from outside the course but on the course we have managed to control it.

With everything in control off the course, all that is left is for the players to feel at home and relaxed on the tees, fairways and greens of an Ian Woosnam-designed course that sits in the shadow of the Great Wall of China. And on that score, Ms Lu believes the Topwin club is at the top of the leaderboard.

“Our turf consultants from Korea and our own agronomy team work closely together every day to make sure we provide a tournament venue in the best possible condition. They work hard throughout the year to make it this way and I think it’s true to say that while last year’s course condition was good this year if is even better.




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