With the 2018 Volvo China Open being tri-sanctioned by the China Golf Association, the European Tour and the Asian Tour, one man keen to get up close and personal with China's national open championship is Asian Tour CEO Josh Burack.

"This is my first time at the Volvo China Open and I am very impressed," he said. "It's a great tournament with 24 years of storied history and it's a real honour for the Asian Tour to be sanctioning this tournament.

"As for the venue itself, the Topwin Golf and Country Club is a remarkable facility, the golf course is spectacular, in great shape and I know all of our players love playing here."

As well as being an interested spectator, Burack took the time to meet with his counterparts at the European Tour and the China Golf Association as they looked ahead to the benefits of their partnership.

"Having a tri-sanctioned tournament is very beneficial for this event," he added. "First of all, the player field is expanded and this year we have around 50 Asian Tour member players in the field, second only to the European Tour, which has around 80 member players, with the China Golf Association having close to 30.

"It's a great mix of players of different nationalities and we believe the world ranking points available will be strengthened by the higher ranked players who have come into the tournament this year."

In addition to the association with the Volvo China Open, the Asian Tour CEO was also quick to explain the current and future co-operation that will continue to develop between the China Tour and the Asian Tour.

"We are delighted to be working very closely with the China Tour," he said. "When we signed the strategic partnership agreement with the China Golf Association last year, one of the key tenants of that agreement was that we would co-sanction a number of tournaments with the China Tour.

"So far we have done one together in Xiamen in December, we will also have one next month in Henan Province and we are hoping to co-sanction up to four events, and hopefully more, per season."

With strong relationships and a bright future of co-operation ahead, Burack is looking forward to seeing Chinese golf develop in the future. His immediate concern, however, is to see who will lift the Scandinavian Horizon trophy on offer to the winner of the Volvo China Open this weekend.

"The cut mark saw 28 of our players go through to the weekend so we are very proud of that achievement," he said. "It's tough for me to single out anyone in particular to look for as we have so many talented players in the field but hopefully we will have an Asian Tour member on top come Sunday night."

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