What shall I wear on the golf course?
Standard golf attire is recommended. For men it would be collared shirts (either short-sleeved golf shirts or business dress shirts), and pants or tailored shorts. Blue jeans and short shorts are not appropriate. For women, smart casual shirts are recommended along with skirts, pants or tailored shorts.

Please remember that the weather can get very warm and humid, and that you will be walking throughout most of the day. So wear comfortable shoes (tennis shoes are appropriate). High heel shoes damage the turf and are prohibited.

What should I bring?
Water, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, visor or hat, umbrella or waterproof jacket (if it looks like rain is likely).

What do I have to leave at home?
During the tournament, cameras or weapons (i.e.-pocket knives) are NOT allowed on course.

What about mobile phones?
Calling mobile phones are NOT permitted on the golf course. However, this rule is rarely adhered to. If you do bring your cell phone on the golf course, ensure that it is turned off or on silent mode and flash photography is not allowed. If you do need to use the mobile phone, make 100% sure to be in a remote area of the course with no players within sight or earshot. A cell phone ringing during a player's swing may cause the player to lose the tournament and, therefore, a significant amount of prize money. Spectators who violate these rules might be forced to leave the course.

How do I watch a golf tournament?
This is entirely up to personal preference. Some fans like to follow one player over their entire 18 holes. This usually takes about 4 hours. Others will walk with a player for a couple of holes and then skip around to other players. Another popular option is to pick one spot, such as the 18th green, and watch each player play out the hole. Of course, there is always the option to socialize in the Open Gallery public area and watch the live broadcast on big screen. A course map will help you pick your spots. It also provides the day's pairings and starting times.

When shall I get autographs from players?
A couple of rules of thumb: Don't ask for an autograph as a player comes off the 18th green, especially after a bad round. When they've finished in the scoring tent and have had a drink and a chance to relax, many players return to the practice area. A good time to ask for autographs is after they've finished practicing for the day. The worst time and place to ask for an autograph (except, perhaps, during dinner, when it is simply inexcusable) is during the actual tournament. When the players have completed a hole and are passing through the crowd to get to the next tee, give them a wide berth. Remember, the clock is running. They're penalized for slow play and are concentrating hard on their games. Let them pass without distraction.

Any key golf etiquette I should know?
The most important rule of golf etiquette is "Always know where you are". It is OK to talk, laugh and have a good time at a golf tournament, but you must always make sure you are in the appropriate place. While golfers are within earshot, conversations should be kept to a whisper. When visible to a player, be sure to stand still. When walking from hole to hole, make sure to be aware of your surroundings and note whether you are interfering with golfers at adjacent holes. Walk - never run. No matter how well you may know a player, do not accost him on the golf course. Give him a chance to concentrate on his game. Be considerate of other spectators. Golf is a gentlemen's game.    


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