Watching the best golfers in the world is arguably the greatest pleasure on earth for golf enthusiasts, and newcomers to the sport are very welcomed at the Volvo China Open.

  • To ensure optimum enjoyment, spectators are asked to follow the following guidelines so that the Volvo China Open experience will be unrivalled for pleasure, excitement and drama.
  • Experienced golf fans will know the ropes when it comes to watching; so for the benefit of the many newcomers expected to attend, here is some advice and information:
  • Always wear strong, comfortable shoes on course. Bring some warm and waterproof clothing with you in case of rain. Bring and use sun-block when appropriate;
  • High heel shoes are prohibited on the golf course;
  • Please get the draw sheet and golf course layout map at the entrance. It will help you to get around the golf course and to locate a player you want to watch.
  • Observe the instructions of marshals and stewards
  • No loud talking, No noise making, Walk – never run on the golf course. Respect the ‘Quiet Please’ signs when raised.
  • For your personal safety, please exercise due care at all time.
  • Except for authorized photographers (who know how to photograph the action), spectators’ use of cameras is prohibited on tournament days. The unexpected sudden flash and noise can surprise a player and cause him to play a bad shot.
  • Likewise, all mobile phones must be switched to silent mode during tournament. Flash photography is not allowed. 
  • Always remain outside the spectator ropes.
  • Keep the golf course clean. No littering since TV pictures are beamed around the world.
  • Only ask for autographs after the player has finished scoring after his round.

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